Emma Bell

‘Colourful Creatures are often Poisonous’

‘Colourful Creatures are often Poisonous’ is an off-season collective of works that was produced during Emma’s position as Artist in Residence at the ‘Mino Paper Art Village Project’ in Japan. This series of garments was shot as part of a creative collaboration in Tokyo and was showcased at the ‘Mino Washi Museum’ as part of the exhibition ‘Let Momo Eat Cake’ from December 2010- January 2011.

‘The concept behind ‘Colourful Creatures are often Poisonous’ was to utilise Mino Washi in terms of a collaboration between traditional and contemporary materials. My ethos was to combine locally produced paper with unconventional fabrics, techniques and silhouettes to generate an overall collection of garments that represent a fusion of established craft and experimental fashion and textile design.
Mino washi is featured in each piece of the collection and combined materials include polypropylene , vintage kimono fabric, latex, PVC, lurex and metal trimmings. Inclusive techniques involve print, embroidery, crochet, knit, hand embellishment and weaving.
Mino City acted as a muse for my works and prior research. Influences included landscape tones and form in which I translated mountains into colourful geometric layered shapes and used saturated hues derived from my environments and surroundings in Mino. Experiences with the local wildlife encouraged an exploration of various protection techniques used by animals and humans. The notion that often in nature, plants and animals use bright colours to exude the impression of being toxic to predators, provided the basis for my colour palette and this was combined with the human technique of using bells to alert nearby creatures of their presence. ‘

Photographer:Yuji Watanabe
Hair:Chika Kimura
Make:Nao Yoshida
Model: Olga@Yoshi Inc